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Kids Cut  0-11 yrs                                                    $20

                  11-17 yrs                                                   $25

Men's Cut                                                                 $30

Men's Wash + Cut                                                   $35



Wash & Dry Off                                                      $20

Wash & Blow Wave or Straightening: 

                                                      - short                 $35

                                                      - medium            $40

                                                      - long                   $45


Wash & Cut                                                             $45

Wash, Cut & Blow Wave:        -short                   $55

                                                      -medium             $60

                                                      -long                    $65

Treatments                                                      from $15




Roots (6 weeks growth)                            from    $100

Roots + Ends                                              from    $130

Full Head Bleach                                   Individually quoted


Top section Foils                                        from    $130

1/2 Head Foils                                            from    $160

Full Head Foils                                           from    $210

Ombre/ Balayage                                Individually Quoted


+ Trim & Blow Wave is Included  in all colour services.                          


Express Toner, Trim & Blow Wave                      $80

Colour Correction & Colour Back - Individually Quoted.

Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 9.40.21 am.png

The prices shown are estimates only. Prices can vary slightly for longer hair or more complex services. 

We provide an accurate quote during your consultation.


TRIAL: (Studio) 


Hair                                                                           $100

Makeup   (Airbrush /Traditional)                          $100

Hair & Makeup                                                        $200

WEDDING DAY: ( Mobile service for our Brides) 

Hair                                                  Individually Quoted (from $110)

Makeup Traditional                        Individually Quoted (from $110)

Makeup  (Airbrush)                       Individually Quoted (from $130)

Eyelashes                                             from $10

Hair donut                                            from $10



Prices include GST and travel fee within 30 km from our location.


Please contact us for an accurate quote.

ORGANIC SPRAY TAN    $40 (single application)


We offer Eco- Tan organic spray tan which is super hydrating, as it has been specifically created for dry, sensitive skin. It contains nothing artificial and is free from synthetic ingredients. Instead, it is made with only certified organic and natural ingredients sourced from Mother Nature. T

There are NO synthetic green or orange bases or dyes in Rich Honey. Instead we use natural cacao as the bronzer to deliver a gorgeous believable tan. Our organic spray tan solution is also vegan and cruelty free!

It is a non-sticky formulation and has a wash off time of 2+ hours. Also, with correct tanning preparation and maintenance, your colour will fade naturally and evenly on your skin. As a result our organic spray tans usually last between approximately 7-10 days. 

Book your Professional Tan application 48 hours before your special events for a gorgeous glow!




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